Up to 50% Off a New Solar Panel System Courtesy of The Victorian Government!

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Victorian households are rushing to install solar with stunning news about a new solar rebate.

The state government has announced that they will cover up to a massive 50% of the cost of a new solar power system (up to a total of $2,225).

Unlike past rebates, however, the Victorian government has put a hard limit on how many people will be able to claim this rebate.

Only 24,000 homes will be able to claim the rebate for their installation this year.

In just a few weeks since the rebate was announced, almost 50% of this number has already been claimed.

Am I eligible?

The government has placed a few restrictions on the scheme. In order to be eligible, you must meet the following requirements.

  1. You must be an owner-occupier
  2. Not had solar installed at the address (ever, or since 2009)
  3. Your house value is less than $3 million.
  4. Your household income must be less than $180,000.

If this is you, and for 90% of you it will be, then good news! You’re eligible.

Get Started Right Now!

Only solar systems installed by Clean Energy Council accredited solar installers are eligible for this discount. So don’t get caught out!

The first thing you’ll need to do is find a reliable CEC installer. One that will be able to help guide you through the rebate paperwork to ensure you get you maximum rebate.

You’ll also want to be ready for the future by making sure that your new solar system is battery ready. This is because the government is looking at introducing generous rebates for batteries in the near future and you will want to have a solar system able to capitalise on that. Retrofitting components to a non-battery ready system is far more expensive.

Check your eligibility for the Victorian solar rebate from a CEC accredited solar retailer now. 

Check My Eligibility!